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About us

Looking for delicious food, exciting interactive entertainment, carnival-style games and specialized activities from toddlers to adults to meet your organization's exact needs and budget?

JJ-Max Family Day has been perfecting the time honored tradition of the Company Picnic with catering and entertainment since 1985. Seriously. Just e-mail us a date and a time and we'll line up the entire event, from start to finish with cutting-edge entertainment, delicious catering, and a local event staff at the location of your choosing. All within budget too - it's what we do best!

No one has more entertainment and catering options than we do. We have served millions of employees and their families since 1985. We are family organization serving your family, always incorporating the latest, newest, greatest entertainment and catering options available. Companies of all sizes have relied on JJ-Max Family Day, Inc. to produce their company picnic, and special corporate event.

Your guests will be dazzled by...
* Creative themes that feed the excitement.

* Full-service Catering the entire event.

* Fun entertainment with selections from toddlers to adults.

You'll see...
* Seamless event planning
* Extraordinary execution
* On Site and Off Site Event Coordination available when you need it
* Proven Leadership

Laid back or electric, our events will engage the senses and create lasting memories for your guests. And you? You'll be as relaxed and carefree as the rest of them. It'll be our little secret.
Ready to take the first step?

From General Electric to Rolls Royce, clients, special events coordinators and event planners around the country recognize us as the top event planner of the company picnic. You can too. Send us an e-mail to get more information or to get started right away.

Any Location! ... Any Crowd!...Nothing but Fun!
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